Hannah Cousens

Sanctuary's Saviors

Twin Goddesses, Aurora and Hekate, are about to be crowned with three others as the Savior's of Sanctuary, but their supposedly dead, tyrant of a father comes to crash the party.

"Aurora Sonnen Hell, what is the name of your sword?" Michael asked me. I opened my mouth to answer, but my father chose that moment to make his presence known. "Searna!" he answered for me. The blood drained from my head so fast I wobbled on my feet for a moment. Hekate moved closer to me as Andrell, Eros and Enon stood guard in front of us. Our Guardians and the rest of the crowd stood and turned to stare in surprise at Titainus. "You cannot be here, nor are you welcome at this coronation," Uriel said. Titainus scoffed and started wading through the crowd toward the dais. The closer he got, the more consumed I was by fear. He pointed and smiled at me. "I won't be long. I just wanted to come and congratulate my children. But more importantly, I came for her," he said. I hadn't realized I had backed away from everyone until they turned to face me. I wanted nothing to do with my father. He'd only ever caused pain and grief among our family; after all, he's the reason our mother was dead and why the five of us no longer live among the mortals. "I will not allow you to touch her, much less take her," Eros said as he stood directly in front of me. A sense of déjà vu came over me. We had been in this position once before, the day Titainus came to our home in the Human Realm. Eros had tried to protect me that day too, but my father was more than a match for him and before we knew what was happening Titainus had defeated everyone and all that remained were my mother, sister and me. I shook my head and brought myself back to the here and now. Now was not the time to dwell on devastating moments of the past.