Hannah Cousens

Keeper's of the Tree

Twins, Landyn and Jaiyden, must protect the sacred tree of their world. When a demon king attacks and takes his sister back to his realm, Landyn must follow after to save her before their life force is fades away forever.

Landyn ran at him, sword drawn but Graimar easily parried the blow with his talons. As her brother kept fighting, Jaiyden readied her bow, whispered an enchantment and fired a shot that whizzed by Graimar's head, sinking itself deep into a nearby stump. He dispatched a hard blow to Landyn, sending him face first into the ground before turning his attention on her. She let another arrow go, this one nearly hitting his side before he moved with frightening speed. While she readied herself again, her father stepped in between them. "That is enough! You will leave this realm immediately. You are not to harm my children, Layreen or any other villager any longer," he said. "Poor naïve father. I don't want to harm your children. After all, they're important." With that remark, Graimar drew a triangle in the air and crossed it out. As it vanished, a black cloud enveloped Taimen. He cried out only once and when the cloud dissipated, he lay unconscious on the ground. Jaiyden drew a star and said an enchantment that made vines from the nearby ivy wrap around Graimar, securing him in place. "What have you done to our father?" she asked. "He is simply asleep. Looked as though he could use the rest. Now, how about you, your brother and I finish this little chat back in Heir, hmm?" "We are not going anywhere with you." Loosing another arrow, Jaiyden glanced down for a second to enchant it too, but it was long enough. Graimar roared and ripped free of the vines. He stalked up to her before she could raise her bow. With a flick of his wrist he ripped the bow from her hands and had her pinned against Layreen. Flames encircled the both of them and Jaiyden fought to get free of Graimar's hold before she was burned but he was too strong. She could feel the life force draining from her the longer the Tree was on fire. "Please, please stop this. Layreen is all we have to ensure our realm is safe. Stop hurting her and leave," she pleaded with him. "Oh, I will dear, but you're coming with me." Helpless to do anything, Jaiyden found herself pulled against Graimar as he muttered a spell and everything went black.