Hannah Cousens


Hannah Cousens is a young, avid writer, determined to create works that appeal to all ages. She aspires to become a published author one day and has been writing since she was in high school. Her love for creating stories and worlds stems from a vivid dream that she had one night, which has stuck with her since.

She is one of the oldest children of seven, and has an older brother, three younger sisters and a younger brother as well. While her passion is writing, she does enjoy spending time with her large family, friends and her fiancé and their two fur babies.

While currently working to obtain her Bachelor's Degree for Creative Writing in Entertainment at Full Sail University, there was a time that Hannah wasn't sure what her future would hold. She had contemplated getting a degree in English, but didn't feel like being a teacher or truly working in an office or office like setting for the remainder of her days. Though happy with where she is and looking forward to what her writing career may hold, Hannah does currently work as a Leasing Consultant for Pinnacle Property Management Services and helps clientele find the right home throughout the many different properties in which she roams at.